Spezifikationen und Preise:

Each Newton guitar or bass is individually designed and built for a particular player and so the specifications can vary widely. The following price list covers only the basic models described on the Instrument pages, and should only be used as an indication. Please click on the individual model names to call up the specifications of that particular instrument.

General Basic Model Price List:

Newton EXP Acoustic: € 2.490,-
Newton '38 Semi' archtop: € 4.790,-
Newton NX II Tiger Cub: € 1.990,-
Newton NX Custom: € 2.490,-
Newton NX Thinline: € 2.990,-
Newton Classic I Single Cut: € 3.490,-
Newton Classic II Twin Cut: € 3.490,-
Newton Classic II Slim Twin Cut: € 2.890,-
Newton Super G 24 fret: € 2.790,-
Newton Rock Special: € 2.390,-
Newton Crossbow Bass: € 1.990,-









Preise für besondere Holzarten, Perlmutt-Einlagen, Oberflächen, Tonabnehmer, usw. sind auf Anfrage erhältlich